Welcome to the MACPoll website

This is the website of the Joint Research Project MACPoll (Metrology for Chemical Pollutants in Air). This three year project was launched on the 1st of June 2011. MACPoll has been running under the European Metrology Research Program and it received European funding. Together with VSL, the project coordinator, another 11 EU Metrology Institutes, 3 Researchers Excellence Grants and 2 Research Mobility Grants were working side by side in research activities related to ambient and indoor air. The overall goal was to improve the traceability and comparability of measurement results in current air monitoring techniques and to set-up the metrological bases for sensor technology used in air quality applications.


Find below the short summary of the MACPoll project and of the achieved results:

Sincerely yours,

Annarita Baldan, Project Coordinator

Contact Info Annarita Baldan, VSL B.V., The Netherlands, Tel.+31 15 2691500